Ten things I learned while watching ABCD 2


Does the film deserve a review? Not quite. But these revelations were, well, revealing! 🙂

#1 While all HipHop is not Bollywood dance, all Bollywood dance can be called HipHop.

#2 While all the college students at an 11.30 am show of ABCD 2 may not be Salman Khan fans, they will also be at the 11.30 am show of Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

#3 Dance reality show judges in India track the Philipino HipHop scene quite closely.

#4 International dance contest judges track the Indian dance reality shows quite closely.

#5 Indian dancers, choreographers and costume designers have only one inspiration – the late Michael Jackson.

#6 If you’re deaf and mute (pardon the French), you can still ‘feel’ the music and dance to a sophisticated beat but all your communication has to be crudely interpreted by ham artists around you.

#7 That old mysterious disease which made actors cough up blood into a handkerchief all through the 60s and 70s is back to plague Indian cinema.

#8 ‘Nivala‘ translates to English as ‘bite’ not ‘morsel’ as I erroneously thought all this while.

#9 Devotional songs go over well with a youthful audience too. Just add a few pelvic thrusts to make them ‘new agey’.

#10 A dance contest film in which the underdog team DOESN’T win the final and STILL rides the hero wave. Hmm that’s certainly a first!

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