Farewell, Flora!

Yet another Bombay landmark gets obliterated today. Flora, the Chinese restaurant at Worli, has been a popular favourite for decades.

My mum and dad, who embodied the type of life captured in the art cinema of the time, had many a date here. Chhoti Si Baat, released the year I was born, has some memorable scenes shot here which look straight out of my parents’ photo album! Similar clothes, similar hairstyles and a similar refreshing simplicity. They’ve always been the quintessential modern, hard-working yet fun-loving couple that actors Vidya Sinha and Amol Palekar portrayed in the film. My dad’s friend Sawant even looked a lot like Asrani!

Watch this song video to get the vibe I’m referring to… Song from the film Chhoti Si Baat

I’m not sure mum and dad ever ordered Chicken a la Poos all those years, but I sure wish I had visited Flora before it shut down today to try my luck to get a bite of history 🙁

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